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Bubble Tea is devoted to maximizing the gaming experience by introducing genuine, best-quality games into China and providing developers value-added services.


Become the #1 best performance publisher in China for Casual and Hyper-casual Games

Our Services

There's no need to stress even though Google Play is unavailable in China since there are numerous local stores where you can publish your great titles. Our Android market experts will provide in-depth consultations about your app's situation and prospects to help you generate additional revenue sources.

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    We Know the Policy

    ISBN? Copyright? Personal Information Protection Law? Cloned versions?... Don't get lost.

    With strong connections with major local media platforms and Android stores, we are always one step ahead of market trends. We can easily navigate you through all relevant qualifications and regulatory policies.

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    Localizing a game or an app goes far beyond simple text translation. It also requires adjustments that are made based on an understanding of the local market and its unique culture. Our product team will manage content optimization and ensure that user interface, gameplay and art styles align with local customs.

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    Technical Solution

    China's Android market, with its different integration requirements. However, we have a group of experienced developers to dedicate to your titles.

    - SDK integration
    - Chinese Android stores adaptation
    - App Store optimization
    - Low-end Android device adaptation
    - New features development

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    User Acquisition

    Every app is different. With years of UA experience and solid relationships with mainstream marketing networks, we tailor effective marketing plans for each published app.
    KOL marketing campaigns are also a major element of the whole UA plan. Get your apps promoted by thousands of TikTok influencers, and spread it to every corner in China!

China Market

With a population of over 1.4 billion, China has become the world’s #1 mobile market. The amount of time and money that Chinese users spend on mobile games and apps is growing rapidly. We are a group of experts that will help you win in China!


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Our Partners

Throughout years we have successfully partnered with multiple stakeholders.

  • Xiaolong Zhang

    "China market situation is changing from time to time, especially in Android market. A trustable partner is what you need in order to win in this market. The dedication and profession of Bubble Tea team are beyond expectation. The team could always build up localization plan and UA strategy that suits our title and execute promptly with full transparency. With joint effort, Farm Land has reached 16M users in Android market during the launch with Bubble Tea team and generated solid revenue."                                                                                                                                                     

    APAC Growth Director
    Homa Games
  • Bao Luong

    "We always knew the potential of China market and looking for the best solution to earn the best from the market. Then we engaged with Bubble Tea team and satisfied with the performance. Launched back in August 2021, Imposter smasher gained over 3M users in Android market in less than half year, which brought us extra source of profit. We followed the content localization they suggested and the result is satisfying. I would recommend you to start your China journey with them as well!"                                                                                                                                                        

    Publishing Representative
    Rocket Studio (Onesoft)
  • Ilya Gutov

    "Publishing in China is the most challenging and highly-competitive business and requires a lot of synchronization with the developer, publisher, business, and marketing units. Without localization and a solid go-to-market strategy, you can't expect results. Bubble Tea is an efficient and transparent partner with whom you can achieve great results and significant performance. When people match, it works."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Head of APAC Business Development
  • Igor Bereslavski

    "Our industry is all about speed and we value partners who understand this and work with the same principle in mind. It usually takes Bubble Tea less than 2 weeks to implement all the localization and integrations that we need. We've launched many titles on Android along with Bubble Tea, including Hide 'N Seek! which is still showing solid growth a year after launching, and which was chosen by OPPO as “The Most Favorited by Players” in 2021. Our collaboration with Bubble Tea is highly efficient and we trust them in operating our titles in the local Chinese market."

    Sr. Director - Head of Growth
    Supersonic Studios